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FreeToDownload is a guide for quick access to free apps without any restrictions for phones and computers. Discover alternatives without restrictions for any app that you use. It is a social project that is meant to promote free software for the users.

This is how we do it

Always download free apps without restrictions

The most important thing for us is that you can always find programs that you can use without any type of restricitions. Because of this, we only offer open source software downloads. In addition to all the open source software that we offer, moreover, it is free software. You can learn more about our code of conduct.

Find open source alternatives for any program

If you want to change programs with restricitions for open source and free software we offer you information about what alternatives without restricitions are avilable and free software to use.

Download quickly and easily without distractions

At FreeToDownload you come to download software. We know this and this is why we only offer the information and software that is the most important. This way you easily and quickly find the software that you need.

Protection for the users

We have put a lot of work into protecting our users from harmful downloads so that you feel comfortable at FreeToDownload. For this we analyze all the software we offer to download with antivirus and you can see the report for every one.

In addition, we do not use download managers or any other element that could be a danger to users.

Start finding software without restrictions!

About the project

Promote open source software

Open source software is the heart of FreeToDownload. We promote what will believe will be valuable to the users and their philosophy.

Code of conduct

This project has been founded in very clear pillars that govern all the work we do.

How was FreeToDownload born?

FreeToDownload Was born as a way to promote the use of free software and its philosophy. From our experience, we know the type of apps that are quality and perfectly solve the needs of users; moreover, they are normally unrestricted and are free. So, we saw a need to promote these programs to the users. And, in 2014 we started creating this website for a resource to easily and quickly access free software.

Who is behind FreeToDownload?

FreeToDownload is part of a network of websites specialized in software. We would like to get to know our company, where all our projects are born:

Press kit

If you want more information about us, screenshots, logo, interviews.. Go to our press kit to download.