Offering you the most suitable software for every need, prioritizing open source software and offerening you information to learn the philosophy that is behind it; always in a clear and simple language. An overview of out code of conduct

Our code of contuct is the guide we follow at FreeToDownload to do things and discribes the values we put into all our decisions.

Our code of conduct

Promote the use of open source software

We think that open source software is the best solution for the majority of users. There is also open source software for practically every need. For this, at FreeToDownload we only offer downloads for open source software.

To promote understanding of the open source movement

The open source software is a lot more than a license for software; it is an attitude: to share information openly, colaborate and get the best results. This moviment is what pushed the creation of FreeToDownload.

Open source software is not 'free software' or 'alternative software'. It is important for users to understand the philosophy that is behind these types of solutions to really know how to use open source software to help society to advance and see the advantages of using it. How open source software helps to make the world less controlled, thanks to movements of Open Science it is easier to share and improve scientific knowledge, but also that open source does not mean free.

Offering every user the best solutions for their home.

We prioritize open source software because we think that in the majority of cases it is the best solution. Without a doubt, in no case is it about forcing the use of open source software, nor private. Becasue we understand that the needs may be different in each case and that in the end we always want to find the best solution for your case.

This is why we offer information for open source, as well as proprietary software. While we only offer downloads for open source softwarebecause FreeToDownload philosophy is to encourage these types of solutions.

Clear and simple Language for everyone

For all users to be able to easily understand the world of open source software and avoid the use of technical jargon. We provide information about open source software and help to expand information when the users wants. For exemple, instead of saying free software we use the term software without restrictions.

User protection

as experts, we know how to differentiate useful apps from those that can be harmful to the user... We put a lot of effort into making sure that FreeToDownload is a clean and secure site for users: on the editin level, we only publish useful and reliable programs; scanning every download that we offer with antivirus software .

Because of this, you do not have to be an expert to download software from FreeToDownload. Any user will be able to easily find the software they need.

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