The open source software you can use without restrictions, guaranteeing the freedom of the user and with responsable cultural development. At FreeToDownload always download open source software. Part of our code of conduct

Open source software is essentially a question of freedom: the user is able to use, distribure and modify them freely without restrictions. There is no question of price. Usually, open source software is free, the importance is the freedom it offers and has nothing to do with the price.

Why is only open source software offered at FreeToDownload?

There is open source software for any task

Whatever you need, there will always be an open source program to do the job. They also can be compatible with any other similar programs. At FreeToDownload we have 553 open source software. And also offer you open source alternatives to popular programs.

There are always complete versions without restrictions

There are no trial periods, nor disabled features... All the programs are complete and all the features are available. Moreover, you can use them freely and share them.

Promotes cultural development

Thanks to the freedom offered, the developers can share code and this way make programs better and create solutions for technology evitando desarrollar software desde cero.

Is Open Source software free?

It may not be a feature of free software, but for us it is an advantage to offer free quality software.

The software is not sold, it is licensed

When we buy a program, actually what we are buying is a licenes to use the program. This means, the softare is not bought, but you aquire a series of rights for how you can use it. In the free software licenses these rights are very open and permissive, allowing use of the programs with very few restrictions. This is how they help cultural development.

Where can you get more information about open source software?

How do we promote the use of open source software from FreeToDownload?

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